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Bundle 2, part 2: Loquelic Vereor and Manis Iteritas

We recently released Bundle 2, a set of three plugins for VST, AU, and AAX formats. This bundle 2 includes Imitor, a multitap-delay playground, and two synths, Loquelic Vereor and Manis Iteritas. We took a deep dive into Imitor in a previous blog post, so this week we’ll be exploring the synths. Not to spoil anything, but these synths are very cool. I might even go as far as to describe them as awesomesauce.

Manis Iteritas and Loquelic Vereor in Ableton Live

Loquelic Vereor: complex in oscillation, not in application 

Loquelic Vereor takes the three classic synthesis algorithms that our popular hardware complex oscillator Loquelic Iteritas is based on and parameterizes them in an easy-to-use package that creates a huge range of sound with minimal adjustments. Instead of simple FM, you have algorithms for vocal sound effects, summation synthesis (which actually uses 3 oscillators), and wild phase modulation. In the plugin version, we add the Ampla envelope/VCA/filter/chorus section that you may be familiar with if you’ve used our Freequel Bundle or Cursus Vereor from Bundle 1. Alongside the standard ADSR, we’ve added in the Percido envelope, another homage to our hardware Percido line. This is a simple attack/decay envelope with a unique control scheme that was designed to be quickly adjustable. It’s great as a modulation source, too. 

What is a complex oscillator? 

Complex oscillators have two oscillators that modulate each other (usually via frequency modulation), and this creates a much more harmonically complex waveform than either of the oscillators by themselves would. Although they are not a mainstay in the software world, they are reasonably common in modular synths.

How complex oscillators function varies greatly from design to design, but generally they also feature things like wavefolders and other ways to further process the waveforms they generate. 

Due to this complex oscillator structure, you’ll see two sets of pitch controls on Loquelic Vereor. However, unlike a traditional multi-oscillator synthesizer, changing the pitches will have a big effect on the timbre of your sound, instead of just creating a simple chord.

Manis Iteritas: saws, saws, and more saws

Manis Iteritas, the other synthesizer in Bundle 2, is a fantastic and incredibly fast to use instrument. The hardware Manis Iteritas module has a reputation for being tough and industrial – and it is absolutely wonderful for that type of sound – but it has a beautiful and haunting side to it, too. 

The plugin Manis Iteritas has the same controls as the hardware, with the addition of the Impact parameter: we added this in to give some extra control over the transient of the sound. Of course, being a plugin, polyphony and preset management is a breeze, which is a big advantage of the DAW environment. When we started playing with Manis in a session for the first time, we were amazed at how nice it sounded on chord and harmony parts.

Creating a whole track with Manis Iteritas 

While Manis Iteritas is an excellent bassline generator and melody maker, its two-stage envelope makes it excellent for abstract percussion. I often use it to make claps and snaps, but it can create all sorts of aggressive kicks and effects, especially with some envelope modulation. Here’s an example of it creating an industrial beat (along with some melodic lines, also from Manis Iteritas).


Macros and MIDI: Modular in the DAW

All Noise Engineering synths come with an extensive modulation system, and can also have their controls MIDI mapped or routed to four macro controls. We wanted to bring some of the modular experience to our plugins, so it’s easy to modulate things with LFOs, envelopes, step sequencers, random sources, and more. Just listen to how diverse a simple sequence can become with some modulation:


 I especially enjoy using these features on the Manis Iteritas: a simple tweak of the envelope time can have a big effect on the overall timbre and feel of a sound, and being able to move a few controls with one macro adjustment opens up a whole lot of possibilities. If you use a MIDI controller in your studio, try MIDI learning a few controls and record some automation – you may be surprised how inspiring hands-on control can be!

Manis Iteritas modulation and MIDI learn window

Manis Iteritas and Loquelic Vereor are available now 

Both Loquelic Vereor and Manis Iteritas are available for download now, either individually or at a discount in Bundle 2. You can also explore the rest of our software offerings, including the 100% free Freequel Bundle.

Check it out


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