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Is this a mixed message? Hurry over to get Yester Versio, the newest Versio. Hurry to the delay

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“Go Noise Engineering when you want something unique, different and unhinged.”

  • edIT, Glitch Mob

  •  “I’m a big fan of Noise Engineering. Everything they release is unique and forward-thinking, pushing the tools at our disposal into the future.”

  • Martin Gore, Depeche Mode

  • “BIA is one of my all-time favorite modules. It's one of those rare modules where every combination of settings sounds so good the only problem is actually deciding on a sonic direction to pursue. Wish I had five!”

  • Andrew Huang

  • Basimilus Iteritas Alter

  • “Brilliantly twisted aural excellence!”

  • JJ Abrams

  • “All of Noise Engineering’s products are the perfect blend of great sound and amazing surprises! They have completely changed the way I use my rig.”

  • Jeff Rona, Composer

  • Noise Engineering gives me exactly what I would expect from a modular system: randomized but MUSICAL results.

  • Ricky Tinez

  • Beloved by artists, producers, and composers including

  • Tori Letzler

    Rhys Fulber
    Front Line Assembly, Delerium, more

    Michael Bradford
    producer, engineer, artist

    Daniel Miller
    Mute Records

    Sofia Hultquist
    Drum and Lace

  • Matt Lange
    producer, artist

    Martin Gore
    Depeche Mode

    JJ Abrams
    composer, film producer

    Ricky Tinez
    YouTube star

    Andrew Huang
    YouTube star

  • René G. Boscio

    Arthur Hnatek
    percussionist, Tigran Hamasyan, Erik Truffaz Quartet, SWIMS

    Rik Simpson
    aka Rikademus; producer

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