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Zularic Repetitor silver panel. When we released this module it only came in silver. That's probably when this photo is from. Then we made black panels. So maybe you got a black paneled one and really want silver. Maybe you really just want to replace a beat up panel. Either way, we got you. Get this gorgeous panel for the ZR here. ZR features knobs on the top right, LEDs in the middle, and jacks on the left. There are also input jacks on the bottom left, and a switch on the bottom. | Noise Engineering
Soleo Vero in silver. SV has a momentary and switch at top and a heck-ton of LEDs. There are three pairs of jacks at the bottom. It looks really gorgeous in silver, but then we might be biased?  | Noise Engineering

Silver replacement panels


Silver aluminum replacement faceplates for Noise Engineering modules

For modules not shown here, see product page.

We recently had to change the diameter of pots used on our modules, however all panels purchased will work on both new and old modules.

Please note that any damages that may occur during repaneling are the responsibility of the user and are not covered by warranty. Out-of-warranty repairs are available via our paid repair service.



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Roucha Legio Eurorack filter in black with three knobs on top, two switches in the middle, and eight jacks on bottom with white art | Noise Engineering

Filter. Fold. Feedback. (F)bypass. A multimode filter for Legio.

Four-channel trigger/gate/clock processor with three modes for Eurorack in black | Jam Jam by Noise Engineering

Four-channel trigger/gate/clock processor with three modes

Quantus Trajecta Polyphonic envelopes made simple in 10HP black Eurorack module with knobs and LEDs on top and jacks on bottom plus two switches and a hold button | Noise Engineering

Quad polyphony-oriented envelope with jammable universal controls

Xer Dualis 4-channel mixer with mutes and clip LED in 6 HP in black. Switches and knobs are on the bottom with jacks on top | Noise Engineering

Compact four-channel stereo mixer

Stereo-in, stereo-out synthetic-tail generator reverb and DSP platform for Eurorack in black | Desmodus Versio by Noise Engineering|

Stereo-in, stereo-out synthetic-tail generator reverb and DSP platform

A parameterized digital drum synthesizer with its roots in the analog world in black | Basimilus Iteritas Alter by Noise Engineering

Universal drum synthesizer with roots in the analog world

Tymp Legio drum voice and DSP/oscillator Eurorack platform in 6hp, black aluminum panel with three knobs and LEDs and switches on top and jacks on bottom | Noise Engineering

Big digital percussion in a 6hp platform.

Virt Iter Legio 6 hp Eurorack oscillator and DSP platform in black with knobs, LEDs, and switches on top and jacks on bottom | Noise Engineering

Stereo oscillator platform with distinct and versatile sound in 6HP

The dynamics processor of your dreams: stereo-in, stereo-out on a DSP/oscillator platform for Eurorack in black. | Librae Legio and the World of Legio by Noise Engineering

Creative stereo dynamics processor of your dreams.

Multimode CV generator & LFO Eurorack module in black | Clep Diaz by Noise Engineering

Multimode CV generator & LFO in 4HP

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