Black and white handwriting and metal grating, with text reading "snakes of russia scions sample pack" | Deathbeat sample pack by Snakes of Russia and Noise Engineering

Scions by Snakes of Russia


Over 300 loops, melodic and rhythmic, all dark, all dirty. Exactly what you want from Snakes of Russia.

From Snakes of Russia: “I teamed up with Noise Engineering for this sample pack full of over 300 loops...both melodic and rhythmic content included...all dark, and all dirty. All sound sources are Noise Engineering modules including Manis Iteritas, Basimilus Iteritas Alter, Cursus Iteritas Percido, Loquelic Iteritas, Ataraxic Iteritas, and Desmodus Versio. Sounds were processed with an assortment of outboard gear including the Overstayer Modular Channel, Emperical Labs Distressor, vintage Roland Space Echo, Knas Ekdahl Mositurizer, and 1/4" analog tape.”

Technical Specifications

  • Over 300 loops included, labeled with tempo and key information for melodic content
  • All loops are royalty free 24bit/48khz WAV files
  • Compatibility: Anything that allows the use of WAV files
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