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Bundle 2 includes three Rack Extensions: Imitor, Loquelic Vereor, and Manis | Noise Engineering for Reason
Back panels of Bundle 2 Rack Extensions: Imitor, Loquelic Vereor, and Manis | Noise Engineering for Reason
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Reason Rack Extensions Bundle 2

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Three Rack Extensions for Reason inspired by our our popular Eurorack modules: Loquelic Vereor, Manis, and Imitor. Rack Extensions are available exclusively through the Reason Shop.

Loquelic Vereor is built around our interpretations of three classic synthesis algorithms (VOSIM, phase modulation, summation synthesis). Like the Loquelic Iteritas Eurorack module it’s based on, this Swiss army knife of a synth is capable of a range of sounds that are sure to cut through a mix.

Loquelic Vereor is a complex oscillator, which, while uncommon in the software world, opens up incredible sound-design possibilities. Its two oscillators modulate each other for sounds you have never thought possible in a DAW. From outrageous, chaotic sounds to wild drum sounds to drones, basslines, and leads, with Loquelic Vereor, you can have it all.

Manis is built on the concepts of additive, subtractive, and FM synthesis and uses saw waves to realize its unparalleled sound. It can go from gritty and dark to smooth and beautiful with the tweak of a couple of sliders. It is a shapeshifter of a synth. Grab this Rack Extension and use it for almost anything from alien percussion, to unique melodic parts, and otherworldly sounds and sound effects.

Imitor is a delay designed for experimentation. With up to 32 delay taps and tons of time and tone parameters, Imitor is perfect for creating unusual echoes, experimenting with different delay shapes and patterns, adding vintage flare to an atmosphere, and more. Imitor comes with a load of presets, ranging from your bread-and-butter delay settings to otherworldly, wacky ones that will blow your mind. Or just hit the rand button and see where Imitor takes you. Put Imitor on anything from vocals to rhythms, to instruments and more. Turn it up for long, evolving echoes or crank down the delay times for effects like comb filtering, chorus, and flanging.

Imitor is a playground, it’s a beast asking to be tamed, it’s more. Ask your doctor if Imitor is right for you.


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Available for Reason exclusively through the Reason shop.