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Extra Mullet

Extra Mullet

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Combining buffered multiple


The Extra Mullet is the bigger (6HP), badder version of the Mullet. It’s a buffered mult with 4 ins and 8 dedicated outs. The ins are normaled, so you can use it as multiple mults, or copy one signal up to 8 times. Plus, an extra row of 7 outputs sum combinations of the four inputs in a variety of ways.

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  • Size: 6HP Eurorack
  • Depth: 0.8 Inches
  • Power: 2x5 Eurorack
  • Draw +12v: 50 mA
  • Draw -12v: 10 mA

Extra — from Latin extra for "more"

Mullet — for a sexy, stylish haircut

"supremely stylish"