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Unlock the full potential of your Versio with alternate firmwares and DIY resources.Versio is a shapeshifting effects platform. Turn your Versio into a clocked delay, ADSR-controlled VCA, or something completely different! Our firmware is always free for Versio owners, so change your Versio module whenever inspiration strikes! Forget menu diving. Say hello to a whole new building block for modular synthesis.
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ADSR-controlled VCA and resonant filter gate on a DSP platform in black | Ampla Versio by Noise Engineering

ADSR-controlled VCA and resonant multimode-filter gate, with a stereo bypassable chorus on top

Stereo-in, stereo-out synthetic-tail generator reverb and DSP platform for Eurorack in black | Desmodus Versio by Noise Engineering|

Stereo-in, stereo-out synthetic-tail generator reverb and DSP platform

Clocked reverb/delay for stereo-in, stereo-out DSP platform in black | Electus Versio by Noise Engineering

Not quite a reverb, not quite a delay, it's Desmodus’s more aggressive clocked counterpart.

Stereo-in, stereo-out 12-tap multimode delay with clock sync and tap tempo plus DSP platform for Eurorack in black | Imitor Versio by Noise Engineering

Stereo-in, stereo-out 12-tap multimode delay with clock sync and tap tempo plus DSP platform

Autowah from hell on a stereo-in, stereo-out DSP platform for Eurorack in black | Lacrima Versio by Noise Engineering

Noise Engineering’s take on the classic autowah, in stereo, and with a twist

Melotus Versio granular texturizer in black panel | Noise Engineering

Stereo-in, stereo-out grain delays, accompaniment, and transformation and DSP platform

Polydactyl Versio in black Eurorack compressor module with knobs at top and jacks at bottom. | Noise Engineering

Stereo-in, stereo-out multiband dynamics processor and saturator on a DSP platform

Ruina Versio distortion black Eurorack module with an ominous eyeball icon, with knobs and switches on the top and jacks on the bottom. | Noise Engineering

Stereo distortion with wavefolding, octavizing, phase shifting, multiband saturation, notch filtering, and DOOM

Yester Versio, a stereo 3-tap simple delay in black. Includes tap tempo, chorus control, and wave folding controls. | Noise Engineering

Delay. Fold. Pitch shift. Doom. Repeat repeat.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

With a few clicks and a USB cable, you can transform your module with a growing number of different firmwares, 100% free. Head to our Customer Portal to unlock the full potential of your Versio.



Go in-depth with the different Versio firmwares.

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Patch Books

Need some inspiration? Check out some of our favorite Versio patches.

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Want to develop your own firmware for your Versio? Check out LibDaisy!

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Printable Panels

Want to try out an alternative firmware? Print out a panel overlay or use the DXF to create your own!


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Want to hotswap a panel? Look no further: we have laser-etched acrylic panels for all your Versio needs, in silver and in black. Grab them here.

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Video Tutorials

Let the batverb into your earholes.

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It's an Open-Source Platform

Want to write your own firmware for Versio? You can. Check out the resources and join the community on libDaisy for more information.

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