The Legio effects and oscillator platform now has six firmwares to swap between, shown set against a watery blue planet

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Unlock the full potential of your Legio with alternate firmwares, resources, and more.Legio is a stereo oscillator/effects platform. Turn your module into a unique dynamics processor, stereo multi-algorithm oscillators, or something completely different as new firmwares are released. Firmware is always free for Legio owners, so change up your module whenever you want a new function in your system. Legio is a 6HP transformable powerhouse.
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Library of swappable, free firmwares
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Big sound in a small package
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New firmware released regularly


Sinc Legio module in black. Two LEDs at top with encoder and pots in a column. Two switches below and 8 jacks on bottom. | Noise Engineering

Flexible stereo oscillator with wavemorphing, folding, and PM

Roucha Legio Eurorack filter in black with three knobs on top, two switches in the middle, and eight jacks on bottom with white art | Noise Engineering

Filter. Fold. Feedback. (F)bypass. A multimode filter for Legio.

Tymp Legio drum voice and DSP/oscillator Eurorack platform in 6hp, black aluminum panel with three knobs and LEDs and switches on top and jacks on bottom | Noise Engineering

Big digital percussion in a 6hp platform.

Virt Iter Legio 6 hp Eurorack oscillator and DSP platform in black with knobs, LEDs, and switches on top and jacks on bottom | Noise Engineering

Stereo oscillator platform with distinct and versatile sound in 6HP

Morbus Legio black overlay on a silver module. Morbus is a noise generator firmware for the Legio platform | Noise Engineering

Bring the Noise. Noise oscillator for Legio hardware

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

With a few clicks and a USB cable, you can transform your module with a growing number of different firmwares, 100% free. Head to our Customer Portal to unlock the full potential of your Legio.



Go in-depth with the different Legio firmwares.

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Patch Books

Need some inspiration? Check out some of our favorite Legio patches.

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Want to develop your own firmware for your Legio? Check out LibDaisy!

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Printable Panels

Want to try out an alternative firmware? Print out a panel overlay or use the SVG to create your own!


Order Panel Overlays

Want to hotswap a panel? Look no further: we have laser-etched acrylic panels for all your Legio needs, in silver and in black. Grab them here.

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Video Tutorials

Legio: it needs to be seen to be believed.

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It's an Open-Source Platform

Want to write your own firmware for Legio? You can. Check out the resources and join the community on libDaisy for more information.

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