Voltage Control

Multimode CV generator & LFO Eurorack module in black | Clep Diaz by Noise Engineering

Multimode CV generator & LFO in 4HP

Mimetic Digitalis 4-channel performance sequencer with black panel. MD also has trigger out, Cartesian, random and reset inputs and performance controls. | Noise Engineering

Four-channel CV sequencer designed for improvisation and performance

Four-channel performance attenuverter/attenuator with faders and offset for Eurorack in black | Lapsus Os by Noise Engineering

Four-channel performance attenuverter/attenuator and offset

Four-channel buffered attenuator and mult with LEDs for Eurorack in black | Sinc Defero by Noise Engineering

Four-channel buffered attenuator and mult. Oh, and LEDs!

Sinc Bucina resonant lowpass gate black Eurorack module with industrial art with two knobs, LEDs, and a switch at top and jacks at bottom | Noise Engineering

Resonant lowpass gate with variable filter slope, RC-envelope generator, and slew

Pons Asinorum Eurorack module in black with buttons and knob at top and jacks at bottom | Noise Engineering

Four-channel voltage-controlled envelope generator and LFO

Four-input attenuverting CV mixer with four inputs and pots and one output in black  | Roti Pola by Noise Engineering

Four-input attenuverting CV mixer