Bring your rack to life.

Eurorack sequencers are the heart of many a patch. Generate CV for melodies and modulation, explore math-based algorithmic rhythm generation, or just jam with tactile modules optimized for live performance. Our sequencers make your system come to life.

Zularic Repetitor black Eurorack rhythm generator module with stylized art, with four knobs and LEDs at top connecting to buttons, a switch, and jacks a the bottom and right side. | Noise Engineering

Four-channel rhythm generator based on mother rhythms from African, Indian, Latin, Funk and Rock roots

Compact 8-step trigger/gate sequencer with 8 switches in black | Bin Seq by Noise Engineering

Compact 8-step trigger/gate sequencer

Numeric Repetitor black Eurorack module with stylized industrial art connecting four knobs and a LEDs at top with buttons, a switch, and jacks at the bottom and right side. | Noise Engineering

Four-channel rhythm generator based on binary arithmetic

Mimetic Digitalis 4-channel performance sequencer with black panel. MD also has trigger out, Cartesian, random and reset inputs and performance controls. | Noise Engineering

Four-channel CV sequencer designed for improvisation and performance

Vice Virga sequential switch Eurorack module with momentary, knob and behavior switches on top and jacks and LEDs on bottom with black panel | Noise Engineering

8-input, 8-output configurable and flexible sequential/addressable switch with manual, trigger, and CV control

Opp Ned arpeggiator in 8HP with black panel. 12 LEDs arranged like a piano at top. Below that, 4 switches in one column, and an encoder and button in another.  14 jacks and 5 LEDs at bottom. | Noise Engineering

Flexible 4-channel arpeggiator

Gamut Repetitor in black. LEDs, 4 pots, 3 switches, and a momentary are at the top.  19 jacks are on the bottom with a cube graphic and LEDs for trig outs. | Noise Engineering

Quad random, highly controllable, quantized-voltage generator and generative CV sequencer