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New utilities! Announcing Xer Dualis and Sinc Pravus

That’s right, we have new modules! If you visited us at Synthplex you may have already seen these two utilities. They're simple, useful, compact, and effective, and wouldn’t you know it, they’re available for preorder now, too! 

If you already got the lowdown on these two and can’t wait any longer, preorder yours here. Orders begin shipping on November 3rd, so you won’t need to wait too long to have them in your system, either. 

Now, let’s take a look at what these modules can do. 

Xer Dualis: simple stereo mixing in 6 HP

We’ve been making a lot of stereo modules recently. This is because stereo is awesome. The problem is that compact mixing solutions for lots of stereo signals are hard to come by. Enter Xer Dualis: if you’ve got four Versios that need a submixer (or just need a compact mixer for your system) Xer Dualis is a perfect choice. The Left ins normal to the Right ins so you can easily mix mono and stereo sources, too. Plus, each channel has a dedicated mute and level control so it’s easy to control exactly what’s happening in your patch.

Xer Dualis stereo mixer in 6 HP

It also features a simple output meter and a clip indicator to help keep your mix clean. I’ve been using Xer Dualis as a drum and FX submixer in my main system for a while, and XD’s mutes make it perfect for playing with percussion arrangement. It’s also the perfect mixer for a compact performance system where size is a key factor. 

Sinc Pravus: quad offset in 4 HP 

Utilities: they’re the simple modules that make patches work how we want them to. At Noise Engineering, we take pride in making simple concepts useful and interesting, and Sinc Pravus is no exception. It has four channels of adjustable offset, with a range of either ±5V or ±10V, set with a switch on the back of the module. The inputs also normal down, so it can act as a mult and offset the same signal by different amounts.

Sinc Pravus quad DC offset in 4 HP

It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s quite handy to have around: I’ve been using mine mainly as a way to adjust the lowest point of CV sequences in a jam, making things more or less intense as the offset amount is adjusted. It’s also useful for pure set-and-forget processing: maybe you need to change the center point of an LFO, or partially open a VCA. Plus, in just 4 HP, it’ll fit in any system, big or small.

Order yours today

Sinc Pravis and Xer Dualis begin shipping on November 3rd, which is just 2 days away! They’re available from your favorite dealers and from our webshop, so order yours now to reserve your spot in line and get them in your rack as soon as possible.

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