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Basimilus Iteritas, Desmodus, and Cursus Vereor come to VST/AU

It’s a big day. A very big day. A huge day. One of the biggest days we’ve ever had. 

Why’s that? I’m so glad you asked! We’ve been working very hard to expand our plugin library, and we’re proud to announce that you can now get Basimilus Iteritas, Desmodus, and Cursus Vereor as VST3, AU, and AAX plugins for both Mac and Windows. A lot of people have asked for this, and we’re so happy to finally release them. Are you excited? Because we are. 

In fact, if you’re SO excited that you can’t even wait until the end of this blog post, you can go get your copies RIGHT NOW from our webshop, either as single plugins, or as a discounted bundle! It’s super easy: add them to your cart, checkout, and soon after you’ll get an email with an authentication link and installation instructions. 

You’ll also get our free Freequel bundle including Sinc Vereor, Virt Vereor, and Ruina when you install, so that’s 6 plugins to try out! 

Go get them here.

We implemented an easy-to-use MIDI mapping system in all of our plugins, as well as customizable velocity and polyphonic aftertouch control in the synths, so whether you want to program beats in the DAW or play with a controller, our plugins will work for you. There’s also a library of presets included in each plugin, and you can customize, save, and share your own. 

If you want to get an idea of what these plugins can do, let’s explore them in a bit more detail.

Basimilus Iteritas: Kicks, Snares, Hats, Bass, and Bzzzzzz

Basimilus Iteritas plugin by Noise Engineering

Basimilus Iteritas is a plugin interpretation of our widely adored Eurorack module, the Basimilus Iteritas Alter. It features all of the controls of the hardware version, and the same core synthesis algorithms, along with all the benefits you’d expect from software. While a lot of percussion-oriented plugins are based around samples, Basimilus approaches the sounds entirely from an additive-synthesis perspective. It’s also polyphonic: you can set it to a single voice to emulate the true experience of the hardware, or crank it up to 16 voices for chords and harmonies.

People think of the Basmilus module as a drum module, and I do tend to use Basimilus to create percussion, both emulating real instruments and creating completely new percussive sounds. But it can do so much more. With its wavefolder and wavemorphing, it’s perfect for emulating west-coast synth sounds, and its additive parameters make it easy to create harmonically complex timbres. Plus, all our plugins have an extremely capable modulation system: here’s a single instance of Basimilus Iteritas doing a whole jam. By carefully modulating a number of parameters with a few Step LFOs, we can change the instrument between kicks, snares, and bass  – this clip is just a single instance of Basimilus Iteritas!

Desmodus: Why have a short reverb when you can also have a tail that goes on forever?

Desmodus plugin by Noise Engineering

We’re not just known for our synth modules: we make a series of effects, too. We released the Desmodus Versio in 2020, and it became something of an instant classic. And now you can get its unique sound and featureset in your DAW, too! 

We call Desmodus a tail-generating reverb because it wasn’t designed to emulate real spaces. You can create echoes and reflections with it, as you would any other reverb, but it can also be an entire voice all on its own in a track. The Regen slider goes well past 100%, so you can create infinite tails that go on forever. If you like experimenting with sound, space, and atmosphere, Desmodus is a must have. It works great as a reverb on an aux track in your session, but all of us here have thoroughly enjoyed cranking Regen to max, playing one note in, and bathing in an infinite trail of reverberant goodness.

Some time after Desmodus Versio was released in hardware, a few users asked us to add  tempo-sync functionality to the delay lines that create its reverb. We created a variation of the module called Electus Versio, and the Desmodus plugin includes both Desmodus Versio and Electus Versio’s functionality.

Oh, and, of course, it features a modulation system just like the rest of our plugins. Modulated reverb? It’s pretty awesome. 

Cursus Vereor: It’s got the sounds you’ve been dreaming of

Cursus Vereor plugin by Noise Engineering

Cursus Iteritas has long been known as our most gentle oscillator, and it’s truly capable of some beautiful sounds. When designing our plugins, we decided it would pair perfectly with our Ampla Versio module – an ADSR controlled VCA and filter with a chorus on top.  And just because it can sound pretty doesn’t mean it has to sound pretty: it features four parameters that give spectral control of  the oscillator, as well as our signature wavefolder and an oversampling control that adds some grit to your sounds. 

Ever since I first installed CIV, I’ve used it for pretty much everything: it can make beautiful leads and some of the coolest basslines I’ve ever heard. Plus, the modulation section opens up lots of options for creating beautifully animated textures. 

Of course, since Cursus Vereor has a beautiful vintage-inspired chorus, it’s always tempting to crank the envelope times and play some chords. Somehow it just always sounds incredible, and I’ve spent many an afternoon writing dreamy progressions for Cursus with a little bit of Desmodus on top. You can’t go wrong.

Already have AAX?

Some may remember that we released these in AAX last year. If you are one of the people who purchased AAX, head to the Noise Engineering Customer Portal for free updates. You’ll get the modulation and MIDI updates, and licenses for VST3 and AU versions as well. We worked hard to maintain reverse compatibility here, too, so your old sessions will still be just fine.

More to come

We’re still actively developing, so look for more to come, including Tooltips and MPE support. And of course, more plugins will follow. And more hardware -- we’re still a modular company!

Get your copies now

All three of these plugins are available now as a bundle for just $119, or you can buy just one individually for $49. When you order from our webshop your license will be emailed to you in a matter of minutes, so you’ll be engineering some wonderful noise in no time flat. Head over to our webshop and get yours now.

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