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Give your Versio a new outfit (or five): Announcing official Versio panel overlays from Winterbloom!

You asked, and we’ve collaborated with Winterbloom to answer: if you want a way to quickly swap panels for your Versio, these beautiful overlays from Winterbloom are just what you’re looking for. If you want to get yours RIGHT NOW, head to the Winterbloom shop here. If you want to read a bit more about them and the Versio platform, read on.

Array of overlays

If you’re not familiar with the Versio family of modules, it’s an effects platform that can be flashed to an ever-growing number of different firmwares. It all started out with Desmodus, our reverb/synthetic-tail generator, and we’ve released quite a few other firmwares like Imitor, our delay, Ampla, our multimode-filter gate, and Ruina, our distortion, to name a few. All of these firmwares are available 100% free, and they can be flashed to any Versio module, meaning that you can transform your Versio to be whatever you want it to be, whenever you want to!

Electus Overlay

However, a challenge arose: if you have the Desmodus panel on your Versio, how do you know what the controls are if you swap it to, say, the Ruina firmware? We put printouts on the World of Versio page so that you could have a reference sheet (or, if you’re crafty, cut them out and put them on your module), but that’s not the same as having a beautifully made panel to slip on. A lot of people asked for nice, easy overlays. We loved the idea but didn’t have a good source (a single paper overlay would have cost $10, plus shipping!).

Enter Winterbloom! Kris was lamenting one day with Stargirl, who runs Winterbloom, about this very problem, when Stargirl mentioned her laser cutter. Much excitement ensued. Eventually, they got back to talking about panels, and a plot was hashed out. Winterbloom made some samples and we here at NE were blown away by how good they looked.

These panel overlays simply slip on top of the existing Versio panel, so there’s no tools involved, and a swap takes seconds; no need to unrack or depanel the module. They fit snugly enough that they stay on even in a reasonably vertical case. Oh, and did we mention that the panels are made with LASERS? Could these BE any cooler? I think not.

Each panel is made to order with, and I can’t emphasize this enough, LASERS. It’s hard to measure exactly how cool that makes them, but we’re pretty sure it’s at least a 97 out of 100 on the coolness scale (beaten only by George wearing doggles).

The best part is, you can order whatever panels you want, in black OR silver, including panels that we’ve never made before like Ampla Versio and Electus Versio! Plus, there’s a discount if you buy a pack of all the currently available panels. We’re working together with Winterbloom on this, so whenever we release new Versio firmwares, Winterbloom will make new overlays to match!

At $10 each, they are a steal, and buy them all for a hefty discount! So, what are you waiting for?


And while you’re there, you might want to check out some of the amazing Winterbloom modules that are available, too. They make some of our favorites, and you’ll be helping another small business (and one of the few woman-owned modular outfits)! I’m just saying, the Big Honking Button is a pretty amazing module for things like change ringing.

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