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gamut repetitor

Now available: Gamut Repetitor firmware update

A few weeks back, we released Gamut Repetitor, our quad random looping voltage generator (if you aren’t familiar with it, you can read up on all of its wonderful randomness here). Gamut Repetitor got quite a lot of buzz, and a few early adopters shared their thoughts as soon as they received them. In particular, our friend Ricky Tinez shared an excellent video showing off how he integrated Gamut Repetitor into his compact setup: 

Along with being a great demo of what Gamut Repetitor can do, Ricky commented in his video that he wished the trigger outputs would behave slightly differently in rhythm generation mode. 

Gamut Repetitor’s trigger outputs have two modes: triggers at the inputs can always be passed through, or probabilistic rhythm patterns can be generated. At release, the rhythms generated were independent of the pitch patterns, meaning that pitches could change without a trigger being fired. In his video, Ricky requested that triggers be output when pitch changes occur in that mode, and a number of comments agreed. And so did we! Thus, a firmware update has been released. 

What changed? 

This update is minor: the only thing that changed is how triggers are generated in rhythm mode. You can swap between regular and rhythmic modes by holding the Reset button down, and regular mode behaves the same way that it always did: triggers are output whenever a trigger is received at the input. 

After updating your module, if you’re in rhythm mode, a channel’s trigger output will fire when a pitch change happens, and may also trigger even if a pitch change doesn’t happen. 

The beauty of this change is that if you want pitch and rhythm to be completely decoupled (sometimes a pitch change in the middle of an envelope sounds nice, for example) you can patch the trigger output of, for example, channel 1 and the CV output of channel 2 to your voice to replicate the old behavior. Win win! 

How to update your firmware 

If you have a Gamut Repetitor and you’d like to load up the new firmware, you can do so from the Customer Portal. Navigate to the Firmware page, and click the “Open Wizard” button for step-by-step instructions. You’ll just need a data-capable micro USB cable, and the whole process only takes a few minutes. 

We always appreciate community feedback on our modules, as it helps us make better products and we always love learning about how people use our gear in different workflows and applications. If you have a question, comment, or suggestion don’t hesitate to reach out via our contact form

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