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Do you like free shipping? Read on! 

Let’s face it: nobody likes paying for shipping. Sometimes, it costs quite a bit to make your new modules magically fly* into your system and fill those empty spaces with Noise Engineering goodness. Disclaimer: We do not recommend trying to make modules fly on your own, for what it is worth. Well, we have some good news for you: if you’re in the USA, and you want to order some modules this month, we may just be able to ship you your order for free. Yes, free. In italics and everything. We like free things, and we hope you do, too. Read on for all the deets. 

*We’re not exactly sure how shipping works, so we’re assuming it’s magic, probably involving flying reindeer or a wizard using a teleportation hex. Or both. 

A box truck full of Noise Engineering packages

As promised: all the deets 

Here’s how it works: for the month of August, if you’re in the USA and order $150+ worth of stuff  from our webshop, we’ll cover all the shipping costs and deliver your order for free. This means that our most popular modules will ship 100% free anywhere in the USA! Just enter the code FREESHIPPING at checkout. 

Unfortunately, orders outside of the USA don’t qualify for this promotion. Our webshop does calculate exact shipping costs, so you’re charged what the shipper charges us for the weight of the package. That’s why if you are outside of the USA, we recommend purchasing from a local retailer: your module will probably arrive more quickly, and you’re supporting a local business, too. Or, check out some of our software – the shipping on software is always free! Mainly because we don’t have to ship it. Still counts, right? 

So, if you need some new goodies in your rack, head on over to the webshop -- there’s a Versio with your name on it (if your name happens to be Yester. Or Lacrima. Or…).

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