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Known Issues: Freequel Bundle


Here we list the known issues happening. We’ll update this regularly. #workinonit

All Plugins:

  • MIDI CC numbering skips a number between Volume in/out and next parameter.

  • Some parameters zipper. #workinonit

  • These plugins will not work in Pro Tools First due to Avid restrictions or in VCVRack.


Sinc Vereor:

Virt Vereor:


Release Notes Build 5924 8/26/2021

* Improved handling of preset names longer than the window is wide
* Take users to the contact us page when they upload info in both plugin and installer
* Add installer version to plugin telemetry
* Big changes to color handling: hue is now an automatable parameter
* Hue defaulted differently per product
* Many graphics optimizations and improvements
* Load time improvements on slow machines
* Fixes for rare gui hangs
* Add a disable CC control
* Add a disable velocity control
* Remove all use of noise in the interface (we are 100% synthwave now..)
* Fix zippering for many parameters
* Fix default file dialog path to be based on the preset filename
* Remove badly drawn mark in combo boxes
* Fix several bugs relating to direct MIDI control of parameters
* Fix preset edit notification not always showing up
* Remove internal undo entirely for now because most DAWs support this natively
* Ruina/Desmodus now have a little room for gain
* All volume controls have had their curve adjusted to not be horrible
* Many, many (so many) fixes relating to jittery movement of controls
* MIDI pedal sustain support
* AC-couple the plugin output
* Fixs for some minor pops in Vereor under certain envelope settings
* Fix a timing bug that could cause voices to stop when they should not
* Update preset format for future features (dun dun dun...)
* Fix a few problems in the resampling code causing undue filtering

Plugin Beta Release 5596/5597 7/29/2021

* Fix a crash due to some memory optimizations in offline install
* Add text in the config tab to indicate the plugin format
* A complete revamp and optimization pass of all of the graphical backend that should help Mac users with graphical issues and reduce the GUI CPU footprint.
* Optimized information collected for systems where the installer is unable to create a window

Plugin Beta Release 5401 7/15/2021

* Fix a stuck note in Vereor that could happen when a note on and a note off happen at the same time
* Fix a stuck note issue in Vereor due to mishandling of MIDI "all notes off" messages
* Change default install paths on Mac to be in the global library
* Move licensing to be global per machine rather than per user
* Change machine-detection technique to avoid pitfalls causing false pirate detection (AVAST Arrrrrrrrrr)
* Auto run NE Products after installation
* Upload log is now stored in the product-specific configuration directory
* Reduce memory use by installer
* Fix an issue that could cause rendering corruption on Mac
* Fix a number of errors relating to preset naming
* Presets on Mac are set to mode 666 so all users can write
* Hide terminal popup on windows when gathering system information
* Don't depend on Windows 10 api for locale and version information
* Disable silence on transport stop as it causes as many problems as it solves
* Lots of updates to telemetry
* Add more information for debugging of some rare graphical and loading issues reported by users
* Simplify graphical initialization path to try to get to the bottom of aforementioned slow loading on some machines
* Chorus is now utilized in enclosed presets
* Fixed Ruina filter-frequency sample-rate dependency

Release notes: Plugin beta 7/8/2021 Release 5305

* ruina is now x4 oversampled always (thanks to user Ilario for the suggestion)
* installer window size is more reasonably sized
* add information to support upload to help debug rare installer graphical issues, rare slow load times, and general support
* prevent install of AU presets on Windows
* fixed a number of M1 crashes

Release notes: Plugin beta 6/30/2021 version 5095
* More work fixing corner cases on silencing when transport stops
* Fix an issue where Desmodus (AAX only) could be silenced during DSP processing
* Remove shhh button from plugins it doesn’t make sense on
* Fix some help-screen text layout in tiny mode in smaller plugins
* Minor tweaks to fire
* Many minor text adjustments in installer in plugins
* Mac Universal Binary support (arm64 (M1) and x86_64 (Intel)) now supported
* Pirate-detection fixes for arm64
* Denormal fixes for M1 builds
* Load-time balancing fixes for older and low core-count CPUs
* Clear preset name when preset is reset

Release notes: Plugin beta 6/17/2021 version 4952
* Make all GUIs a little more compact.
* Small size is now Tiny for teeny tiny Macbooks.
* Updated behavior in variety of issues regarding behavior after transport stop and in various reset conditions where the plugins should probably be quiet.
* Hide mouse cursor when manipulating sliders.
* Improve error reporting and behavior in installer under a variety of network and login errors.
* Move all rendering out of the message thread and into its own thread to improve graphical performance when other graphics-intensive plugins are active.
* Turn off interpolation that had been slowing graphical performance on high-end Macs.
* All effects now run at session sample rate.
* Fix an error causing a false positive in pirate detection due to variable locale settings.
* Fix a few incorrect links in the installer and plugins.
* Improve Virt Vereor dynamic-parameter text for in-DAW controls & automation.
* Disallow resize of installer window.
* Fix broken denormal handling across all plugins due to really stupid typo leading to a huge performance increase in some situations.
* Installer fixes so that Logic c//an find plugins without rebooting on some older MacOS versions.
* Added "shhh" button to all plugins to silence things in case of emergency.
* Many fixes and definite improvements relating to fire and colors.
* Optimizations to load times to reduce "beachballing" on slower computers
* Added rainbow connection. Someday you’ll find it.